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Spa had a pin hole in shell called thermospa got run around never have gotten anything fixed Add comment

  • Jul 17
  • Beauty Centers and Spas
  • Leaky Hot Tub
  • 198

We own a Thermospas hot tub because a friend of ours wanted to sell it and he gave us a very good price. I had a problem with the pump leaking and lost water. Called "customer support" who told me there was no service on Saturday and I'd have to wait for an appointment before anyone could even look at it. Recommended I perform a series of horrific steps to winterize the tub until someone gets... Read more

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Lousy service. I spent over 1,000 dollars in parts and labor, and had to fix it myself. The service man is a amature . He did not screw down the motor, left out the rubber base under the motor, did not connect the ground wire properly, and all the work that he did was very poor. His name was Nathan,. Beware if you get him!!!' Add comment

I ordered thermaspa in April Still don't have it. I thought by their ad all u had to do is plug in. Not so. It also takes as many chemicals as my 18 Yr old tub. Made a deposit and was supposed to be returned with doctors rx for tub. They won't return it until two weeks after delivery. I'm hiring an atty to get my money and rid these people . Add comment

  • Jun 26
  • Beauty Centers and Spas
  • Waterford, Michigan
  • Customer Service
  • 160

I have experienced nothing but Poor Quality in the Product, Hardware and Customer Service. I have had my spa for 10 months and right now it was the biggest Financial Mistake I have ever made. I've been laughed at, told I'm using the wrong produces when they sent them to me. I've had parts rusting out within a week of receiving the spa. The spa was 2 weeks late being delivered, it was lost in... Read more

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  • Jun 23
  • Beauty Centers and Spas
  • El Campo, Texas
  • Nutrisystem Program
  • 1
  • 197

Saw an infomercial and looked up Thermospa online, filed out the information to get a quote, then found this review site. Needles to say I am shocked at all the poor reviews that Thermospa has and now want nothing to do with this product. So sad so many people have spent their hard earned money on such a bad product. Thank you all for sharing your experiences and saving countless others from... Read more

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I have to say never buy a hot tub from thermospa, they lie and don't make good on their warranty or their promises, their customer service are rude and not help full. I wasted so much money and I don't want others to do the same. Their salesmen are top notch liers, don't let them hook you into a deal that is very costly. Add comment

  • Jun 09
  • Beauty Centers and Spas
  • Rockdale, Texas
  • Commercial
  • 3
  • 331

A commercial about your spas on a local TV network. The couple in the spa looks like they're having sex and it's very very offensive! Read more

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  • May 21
  • Products
  • Richardson, Texas
  • Spa Supplies
  • 203

This used to be quite easy. Good customer service and ships immediately. Now they are rude over the phone and the chemicals ship in 10 days. I guess being bought out means just that. It is no longer a good company. It is just a part of another company and lost its small business qualities. Not sure why that isn't clear and why I have to enter 100 words...focus more on your product and you... Read more

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I purchased a thermostat spa less than 2 years ago. I let them know that the cover had taken on so much water it was almost impossible to lift. As it was still under warranty I submitted a picture of my cover which just broke because it dropped from the weight. My claim was denied because it was broken! Add comment

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